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Florida Professional Liability Insurance


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Ravensworth Professional are the first managing agent I"ve found who really care about my business as well as their own.

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Article provided by: Moran Financial Solutions

Florida Professional Liability Insurance

Florida Professional Liability Insurance

Succeeding in a profession involving direct service to people can be highly rewarding and also tricky in regards to customer satisfaction. Sometimes the client will be adamant that you did not deliver the promised results. Any rectification solution may be futile, and the only solution seems to include external intervention such as insurance or an attorney.

Who needs professional insurance coverage?

The Florida Professional Liability insurance has a design that should help service professionals cater to such incidents. The clients may also be a stranger who finds the ad on your business to be harmful to their mental or emotional state. The clientele will sue for issues such as the following:

  • Undelivered promises
  • Work mistakes
  • Alleged negligence
  • Inaccurate information
  • Violation of trust
  • Misrepresentation

The most affected service professionals tend to be ones in the creative industry. The business leaves a lot of room for comprehension; hence, the customer may interpret the results to mean something else. Professionals in the following niches ought to consider talking to Moran Insurance for details on coverage of professional liability:

  • ICT support and design
  • Travel consultancy
  • Medical service provision
  • Funeral management
  • Beauty services
  • Property management
  • Therapy
  • Real estate management
  • Advertisement management

Importance of the Florida Professional Liability insurance

Investment protection

Consulting a competent insurance firm in the time of need will protect against loss of investments. The particular case could out your business in a financial twist that will drain you of all your money.

Business opportunities

Larger businesses understand the importance of such insurance policies. They have had to fight off legal battles in the rise to the top, and will always refer to the insurance firm for legal expenses. Similarly, your small business will not acquire a deal with legendary firms when you lack viable liability coverage.


Some industries involve a higher risk than others. The government or licensing body may rule you out of the field if you do not have the proper papers.

Reduced premium costs

A history of acquiring and dropping liability policies is a red flag to a potential insurance firm. The new firm may find it safer to charge higher fees as a way of safeguarding their reputation. It is prudent that you maintain liability insurance coverage at all times, to create a good history of your business.

How does the claim work?

Insurance policies are useful when the insurance policy is still active. Incidents that occur before the retroactive date will typically not receive coverage.

It is essential to have prior acts coverage when you change insurance claims. This precaution will keep your old policy relevant, in case of an event of previous acts.

What do you need to know about the insurance act?

The liability insurance only covers bodily injury due to medical malpractice, personal injury, injury from property damage, and advertising schemes. The act will not cover criminal liability and criminal defense cases. It will most likely not cover acts of dishonesty on all other viable injury claims. Moran Insurance will cover the expenses of medical injury on all employees and harmed visitors who were in the area of the event.



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